All You Need to Know about Industry Corporation Ransomware Attack

A ransomware attack is a malware that is created by cybercriminals to attack individual or company information and use it for monetary or blackmailing purposes. Cybercriminals create bugs that can attack protected files easily and encrypt them.

They enter inside the computer in the form of encrypted emails or files that can be downloaded. Cybercriminals can access any file on your computer within minutes and encrypt it.

Ransomware on a company is an extreme attack that has some purpose behind it. Either they ask for a huge ransom to pay or leak the files to the public. Many companies store huge amounts of data on their customers and employees. If this falls into the hands of a cybercriminal, it can be used it against them.

Companies have suffered big losses because the ransomware attack leaked or deleted their most important files.

Ransomware attacks are not limited to big companies. Small start-ups can also be victims. Another most concern business that causes huge loss is the industry corporations.

Here are some recent ransomware attacks that were targeted at a company and an industry as well:

Recent Ransomware Attack

The Clop Gang

Recently, there was a ransomware attack by a gang named Clop.

Clop hacked into the system of Utility and leaked all the information about employees and human resources into the dark web.

The company expressed concerns about employee information being leaked that could damage the company deeply. The cybersecurity team is on a hunt to find all the backup files and saved data to ensure the company can be operated normally.

The Clop is a gang of cybercriminals that has attacked many other big companies, asking for a certain amount of money as ransom, at the threat of leaking data. They recently hacked into the Canadian fuel distributor Parkland and rail operator CSX.

Based on the cybersecurity team’s reports, they follow the same patterns as DarkSide, another ransomware group.


DarkSide is a group of criminals with expertise in encrypting files and systems. Recently, they attacked Colonial Pipeline, causing distress among people.

Reports say that the group felt guilty for doing so because they only aimed their hacking at for-profit organizations.

Colonial Pipeline suffered from a one-month shutdown to recover the encrypted system and files.

The concerns were expressed about the security threat that even industries are under threat because of the ransomware attack.

There might be other industries as well that could suffer a shutdown and a huge loss if they are attacked with ransomware by cybercriminals.

It is important that industry corporations take steps to prevent and protect their data and systems from shutdown and causing distress to suppliers and customers.

Ransomware Process

The recent method for ransomware attacks is by removing the antivirus from the network or computer so that the process of encrypting the files is not slowed down or interrupted. It also speeds up the encryption easily.

Attackers are also able to remove the protocol that prevents industrial network communication.

Ransomware Types

The ransomware types include the following:

CryptoWall is an advanced form of the ransomware CryptoLocker, that is hard to decrypt. It is the most destructive of all.

Jigsaw is the most dangerous in that it deletes files in a timely manner if ransom is not paid.

Cerber attacks the cloud storage of Microsoft Office 365.

There are ransomware attack groups that have created many variants that can cause the encryption of data for corporations such as LockerGoga, SNAKE, and DoppelPaymer.

Prevention of Ransomware Attack

Prevention of ransomware attacks for industry corporations is essential, as the industry is connected through a network with logistics and other services.

The modern world operates on technology. The logistics and even the making of products are tracked by the companies through online data.

Therefore, it is important that the companies take the necessary steps to prevent the attack.

Hiring a Cybersecurity Team

The cybersecurity team is the best solution to preventing the ransomware attack on the industrial servers to keep the communication between all networks and departments smooth and safe.

Cybersecurity analyzes all the workings and makes sure there is no suspicious activity occurring within the networks that could hint at the possibility of a ransomware attack.

Final Words

Industrial corporations are deeply connected through networks; therefore, it is easier to attack and encrypustrialt data because it shuts down the whole system altogether.

To make sure that a corporation is safe from ransomware attacks, they need to have the most advanced software, antivirus, and employee awareness of cybersecurity as their priority.

Business Cyber Threat: The World of a Ransomware Attack

The business world is very competitive, and there are times when people play dirty to bring a company down if it is soaring and thriving in the market. One of the ways to do that is through ransomware attacks.

Various kinds of ransomware attacks exist, and they can be hard to handle. People hire professional cybercriminals who instill ransomware that can wipe out data or cause a shutdown of your servers.

Types of Ransomware

Here are some types of a ransomware attack that are common in companies:


WannaCry is a dangerous ransomware that has attacked 125,000 companies in 150 countries. They go by a few names, including WanaCrypt0r and WCry. They spread in propagation and completely encrypt the files.


CryptoLocker is a ransomware cyberattack that works like a Trojan horse. It goes inside the electronic device, such as your computer, which is connected to the company, and then encrypts files. It can wipe out all data in a matter of minutes.


Crysis is a ransomware attack that comes through emails. If an employee clicks and downloads that corrupted file, the malware spreads on all removable drives, fixed drives, and network drives when connected with a computer.

Bad Rabbit

You might have heard of this ransomware attack, as it is quite common in Eastern European countries and Russian businesses. This kind of ransomware usually comes from a fake Adobe Flash update advertised on websites that are not secure.

Ransomware attack on trailer-maker utility

Ransomware attacks on businesses can be extreme. Recently, Utility Trailer Manufacturing became the victim of the cybercriminal gang. Their systems were corrupted with ransomware that leaked the personal information of the employees working at Utility.

The trailer-making company has almost five branches all over the US, and the leaking of human resources information caused them great distress.

After the event had taken place, the cybersecurity team found out that a ransomware gang known as Clop encrypted Utility’s data, which is worth 5 gigabytes to the dark web.

Most of the data that was used to operate the company had been lost, and the cybersecurity team hired by the company is working hard to find the backup files and other data that can save the loss for Utility.

How can your company be a threat to ransomware attacks?

Companies are the most vulnerable to ransomware attacks by the common people. Common people might accidentally click something that causes a virus to be installed, but for companies, the ransomware conditions them through social engineering and manipulation on employees or the company owner.

To protect your company from any ransomware attack, you need to ensure there is awareness and that your company’s systems are safe enough to store data and protect the work.

Educating Employees

Educating employees is important. Many companies suffer from ransomware attacks because of employees’ mistakes. They often do not spend enough money on educating employees about ransomware and what to do if they come across a gang that might be manipulating them.

To save your company from a ransomware attack, your priority should be to educate your employees.

Cybersecurity Team

If you are a small company, it is best to start early to keep your data safe. You could hire one person or a company that specializes in computer and data backup and keeping your company safe from the hands of cybercriminals.

Ransomware gangs don’t pick and choose between companies. If you think your company is not likely to be hit, you are wrong. Even startups have been ruined because of ransomware attacks.

Buying Software

Old software costs less than newer software, but it is more prone to get ransomware attacks. Old software is not updated, and it is less immune to big attacks, whereas new software updates and identifies new bugs to prevent them from causing any harm to your data.

If you have software, always make sure it is updated to the newest version.

Security Check

Many companies hire experts who come monthly to run a safety check of their servers and network computers. They easily clean out any sign of malware from their computers.

Final Words

A ransomware attack is a modern robbery crime that can cost millions of losses to the company and gain to the criminals. Make sure you are up to date about malware, and hire the best cybersecurity experts or software that keep your data safe.

Ransomware Attack: A Threat to Corporate Cybersecurity

Ransomware attacks are quite common in today’s world where everything operates online. Almost all companies store their data in external drives, fixed drives, or network drives. Many companies pay thousands of dollars to store data in cloud files to keep them safe.

Despite all of this, the cybercriminals are still on the rise. There are gangs and groups of people who are experts at encrypting data and leaking it to the world or using it for huge amounts of ransom money from the companies.

DarkSide: A Ransomware Attack

DarkSide is a group of cybercriminals who recently attacked the Colonial Pipeline. They believe they hacked it for the sake of the community and doing something positive for society.

Their claims make them guilty of the crime they committed because it caused distress and anger among the people.

DarkSide is ransomware group that attacks organizations. Based in Eastern Europe, they are cybercriminals that can encrypt the system. They always attack for-profit organizations, big corporations, or businesses.

The cybersecurity of the company is under threat, and they had experts investigate the system and solve the ransomware issue.

Other Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are very complicated, and they cannot be reduced to just one category because there are thousands of ransomware that operate differently and attack differently. Furthermore, there are groups from all over the world that work on creating the best of ransomware that can be hard to solve for cybersecurity.

They are basically divided into two categories:

Crypto Ransomware

Crypto Ransomware attacks files by encrypting them. It only attacks important data such as videos, images, or documents that might be important to a company.

Locker Ransomware

Locker Ransomware is an attack on computer functions. It jams the computer functions so they become inaccessible. This ransom attack does not wipe out files, but it causes the distress of not being able to access anything.

Ransomware Attack Prevention

Whether big or small, cybercriminals do not distinguish between companies when they plan a malware attack. This means that no company is safe from them, so they must take necessary preventions to avoid any distress.

Although corporates hire experts that monitor the servers and make sure that their data is safe from malware, there are still steps many businesses take to prevent a ransomware attack on the company.

1. Backup Routine

Every individual knows that backup is the basic thing to do when working on a big project. There are times when your software might fail to operate or load when needed or attacked by ransomware. To prevent this, companies have a monthly or yearly backup routine where they store important data in a safe space.

2. Strong Antivirus

Antivirus is common among individuals, but corporations need good antivirus protection with a multifaceted solution system that has a firewall, behavior traceable tracker and prevention, heuristics, and other important features that can prevent any data loss.

3. GPO Restrictions and Administration Rights

GPO restriction is restricted content that cannot be accessed outside the server. It prevents insider threats or other external threats to the company’s computer.

Administrative rights are important because they limit employee access to any information outside of their domain. This is the best prevention from a ransomware attack.

Corporate Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a team of highly trained experts who can deal with ransomware as soon as it encrypts, if they are active. They can prevent that loss of data and back up the files more often than a regular employee would.

Many big corporations hire a cybersecurity team that keeps an eye on the workings and networking between the employees and the incoming data. They ensure that software is up to date and that there is no strange behavior from the employees that could hint at a ransomware attack.

How to Protect Your Company

The aforementioned steps are the best way to prevent a company from a ransomware attack. There are so many gangs and groups of cybercriminals that come out with new bugs that can attack even the best security system. But companies prevent it by taking the most important measures that can save them from insider threats or phishing attacks.

Companies hold sessions with experts regarding the security of the data with employees. Awareness is important for employees and staff, whether working in a smaller post or on a temporary contract. Everyone needs to be told about cybersecurity because it is always the new employees or unaware employees that make mistakes of bringing virus.

Ransomware attacks can be prevented if a company has strong employee cybersecurity awareness and strong software.

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