Cybersecurity Awareness: Phishing Attacks and Insider Threat

When working with software that involves confidential data and personal information, there is always a threat of phishing attack or insider threat to the company. There are so many businesses like banks that store huge amounts of data about their customers that need to be protected at all costs.

As the technology and digital world become more accessible for the common man, they become more at risk of phishing attacks. Even though phishing has always existed but the way of phishing is different and quicker than before. They are so clever in escaping the law and cannot be caught sometimes because there are a group of criminals involved that use social engineering to manipulate into getting social security numbers or bank account details from the people.

Why Cybersecurity Awareness is important?

Cybersecurity not only helps employees, in general, to be more knowledgeable about the security of the organization’s software but they are also trained to deal with phishing attacks that can manipulate them socially. They also help the general public.

Many corporations organize special training programs that are mandatory for every employee to attend to understand the threats and how they can deal with them. This helps in taking care of insider threats or phishing attacks quite easily.

Cybersecurity and employees

Employees play an important role in ensuring that the information they receive or are working on is safe. This is where security awareness comes in.

Cybersecurity has control over the servers of the company. If the company has hired a team of engineers. They are like surveillance cameras on the employee to see if there is any suspicious activity being done from their side.

Employees are connected through networks on their computers and they can only access the information on it, and nowhere else. Furthermore, there are monthly check-ups to update the software and ensure that the data is secure enough.

Phishing awareness training

Phishing training is a kind of training that educates and practically demonstrates to the employees the ways cybercriminals can use their attitude or behavior to their advantage to gain information, and how to deal with email or text message phishing in the office.

There are situations given to the employees to deal with phishing attacks, they are easy to use and practical enough that in a real situation they are confident to deal with it. These simulation programs are uniquely and closely designed by experts to help employees.

Insider threat judgment

Insider threat judgment is to give awareness to the employees on how they can judge someone’s character whether they are a threat to the corporate or not through different observations. This makes employees more aware of their surroundings and takes responsibility for keeping the documents confidential from even the most trusted employees for the sake of avoiding insider threats.

Insider threat is usually the previous workers or contractors that have experience with the software of the organization. To avoid this, corporates take measures to update passwords or security numbers that only the current employees have access to.

These training programs are well researched upon by collaborative projects with the national security services so that the employees can help the security services in making the environment safe for everyone.

Cybersecurity for public

Cybersecurity doesn’t just limit to offices but public as well. There are campaigns that non-profit companies organize to make people aware of phishing attacks. It is usually the local people who easily become victims of phishing attacks through text messages. They are unaware of technological advancements and easily trust websites that fake collect the information of the user. These criminals blackmail using that data or use their emotional weakness or financial weakness to gain their attention and eventually take everything from them.

Senior executives or other rich people can easily hire cybersecurity teams to take action against cybercriminals but lower-income people are sometimes unaware of cybersecurity and how they can get help. This is why the government needs to campaign so that people are aware of how they can deal with phishing attacks.

Always Remember!

By bringing awareness about cybersecurity does not completely eradicate the threat of malware because malware is also updated by the cybercriminals to be more dangerous and threatening to the users. Furthermore, phishing attacks have become more powerful so it is all up to the user on how they deal with it. But awareness is also important because it helps in dealing with that malware quickly by experts.

To conclude, cybersecurity can be encouraged through word of mouth. If you are aware and knowledgeable about cybersecurity, tell your friends and family about it. But most importantly, It is the responsibility of the security organizations and government to bring awareness among people, to make a safer environment for internet surfing and doing business.

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